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Power Band Collection

Both taping and bracing have their distinct advantages in treating injuries. Areas that support the weight of the body, like the knees will benefit from bracing as this provides additional support to joints that are already subject to a lot of wear and tear from your body's weight. Taping reinforces the joints and ligaments that have suffered the injury and conform perfectly to your body, combining both into one brace, support or orthosis ensures you get the benefits of both taping and bracing quickly and easily.

Built with patented technology (Power Band Compression Taping), the Orione Power Band collection of knee, ankle and elbow supports feature a unique combination of special elastomeric materials (natural rubber), knowledge of the human musculoskeletal structure, biomechanical and technicality of athletic Kinesio taping. This combination of knowledge, materials and technology has developed into high quality, high performance supports that stabilises, gives support and protection with full freedom of movement.

Made using 3D cutting technology for a high-quality finish, quality and fit. Ultra-lightweight, ultra-thin makes the Orion Power Band supports are breathable and comfortable to wear. Features very thin silicone anti-slip patterns which are printed onto the inside of the braces to prevent slipping during sporting activities.

Ideal for wearing during sports training and sports performance, for protection and after injury or surgery. Helps to improve performance during sports and every day activities, helps to decrease pain.

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