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Humerux - Humerus Fracture Brace

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Product Overview

Humeral braces are used for patients with fractures to the middle of the upper arm bone, called the humerus.  These are designed to support humeral fractures to provide stability, promote healing, control and manage pain.  Generally used following arm surgery and other indications where immobilisation of the shoulder is necessary.

The Humerux is a thermoformed bi-valve humerus orthosis made of low-density polyethylene, covered in a soft padded textile cover.  Consists of two thermoplastic plates assembled in a breathable honeycomb fabric lining.  Adjustable fastening system via three humeral velour straps with buckles and micro-hook fastening straps for easy adjustment and a tailored fit.  Suspension and fastening via chest strap helps prevent the orthosis from sliding down.  Features a Y-traction System - a traction device which allows tension to be increased and adjusted, achieving better fastening and support of the humerus.    Padded armpit support for comfortable under arm fitting, avoiding friction or discomfort.  100% latex free.

Recommended to use for Diaphyseal humerus fractures, post-surgical fracture treatment and stabilisation of humerus fractures during the healing process. 


  • Recommended to use for Diaphyseal humerus fractures, post surgical fracture treatment and to stabilise the humerus during the healing process. 
  • Helps to stabilise, promote healing, control and manage pain associated with humerus fractures.
  • Features a Y-traction System – allows tension to be increased and adjusted.
  • Made from thermoplastic plates with high quality padded and breathable technical fabrics.
  • 100% Latex free.
  • Easy comfortable and secure fastening system.
  • Contoured upper arm design for increased comfort and support whilst worn.
  • 4 Sizes available – Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. 
  • Bilateral design – fits both the right or left arm.

Indications / Recommendations for Use:

  • Diaphyseal Humerus Fracture
  • Post humerus surgery
  • Humerus Stability
  • Humerus Fracture
  • Mid Diaphyseal humerus fracture
  • Proximal Diaphyseal humerus fracture


Please measure the circumference of your upper arm in centimeters and choose from the size guide below to find your size:

  • Small – 18-26 cm
  • Medium – 26-34 cm
  • Large – 34-42 cm
  • X-Large – 42-50 cm


(No reviews yet) Write a Review